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Your questions

Who can use Alliance Care ?

Everyone !

Individuals can directly book psychological appointments, coaching, HPE and HPI tests, skills assessments, etc. For this they must create an account. Slots are available daily.

Professionals and students from partner organizations must create an account linked to their organization, and justify their membership, they can then reserve a slot.

Crous de Versailles is one of our partners. If you are a student there you can book an appointment.

How to create an account ?

Easy !

Click in the menu at the top right on “connect“, you will arrive on our application.

Click on the “Inscrivez-vous ici” button, then fill in your information. Once you are done, click on “Enregistrer ma demande“.

What is the proof to provide?

You are a student of a partner organization: join us your school certificate or your student card.

I booked a teleconsultation: where can I find my link?

The link was sent to the address listed on the account.

Be careful, it sometimes arrives in spam :/

You can also access it from your Alliance Care space (

If you ever still have a problem, you can always call us on 02 40 29 85 29 or send us a short email at